4 reasons the 'mommy wars' are good for parenting in America

The “mommy wars” – the so-called conflict between moms (or parenting philosophies) over topics related to motherhood – are a constant cultural undercurrent. While many call for a ceasefire, the mommy wars constitute a valuable social, political, and cultural dialogue. Here are four reasons why the mommy wars are good for America.

3. Ongoing debate helps question the 'establishment'

Keeping the motherhood discussion robust and ongoing allows women to question the “establishment.” The dialogue raises key questions.

Is the American Academy of Pediatrics right on the breastfeeding issue? How might their recommendations have been subject to cultural influences? What does Pinterest know about us, and how are they using that information? Do the social goods that Pinterest brings outweigh the costs?

Indeed, the current credibility and very future of major organizations and industries are at stake. Mothers have the power to demand changes, accountability, and services that better meet their needs from these groups. But we can only influence the “establishment” if the wars drag on. 

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