4 reasons the 'mommy wars' are good for parenting in America

The “mommy wars” – the so-called conflict between moms (or parenting philosophies) over topics related to motherhood – are a constant cultural undercurrent. While many call for a ceasefire, the mommy wars constitute a valuable social, political, and cultural dialogue. Here are four reasons why the mommy wars are good for America.

2. Evaluating issues helps women take informed positions

Critically evaluating the issues surrounding and embedded in motherhood can help women take informed positions on them. Think, for example, about the perennial stay-at-home mom vs. working mom debate. If you are faced with this decision, wouldn’t you like to know as much as possible about the benefits and costs, the challenges and rewards, as well as the experiences of others?

Being privy to that discussion gives women resources (advice among them) that allow them to weigh the options and make the very best decision for themselves and their families.

The free exchange of ideas underpinning the “mommy wars” encourages such critical evaluation.

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