Clint Eastwood Chrysler Super bowl commercial: Facebook fans respond

If you didn’t see it aired on TV during halftime of the Super bowl Sunday, you’ve likely heard about it by now: The Clint Eastwood Chrysler commercial. Amid all the debate on the ad's perceived political stance, we took this question to our Facebook fans: After watching this video, do you think Chrysler came out with a pro-Obama commercial, or a patriotic commercial? We’ve culled their 127 comments and grouped the best here.

3. Spin doctored?

Patrick Mulrain The spin doctors ruin everything.

Jennifer Cano since when does a positive commercial that tries to look at any bright spots in the economy have to be a political endorsement?

Dave Palmacci why does everything have to be Right or Left in this country? That is the perpetual problem, it was an American commercial, nuff said.

Sean Raines My wife and I were floored and inspired by the ad. I wanted to run outside and scream "I'M AN AMERICAN AND SO ARE ALL OF US! LET'S STOP THE BS AND GET BACK TO WORK!"

Then I woke up to see Karl Rove's inflammatory comments and here I am, just another cynic.

Do you see, America? This is why we can't have nice things!

Edith Leon Why can't we just 'see' goodness instead of thinking there are subliminal negative messages about politics. The world does not revolve around politics or politicians. It revolves around real people. :)

Kevin Bowler pro–america. we've got this one folks. let's bootstrap it & let the scared, noisy people sit on the sidelines for now. they'll look up at some point & realize we moved on by them & then they'll catch on & catch up.

Mary Ann Cherry It's pro-American. Does *everything* need to be politicized? 

Ryan Bracamontes Leave the poilitics out of it. We are the heartbeat of the USA. Its time to open our eyes

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