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  • The danger of American apathy on NSA surveillance

    New documents released today reveal the alarming scope of NSA data collection. But half of Americans see the spying as 'no big deal.' They are allowing government to chip away at freedoms that others, especially in the Arab world, are giving their lives to build.

  • Congress should not oppose biofuels. They create jobs and help the environment.

    No fuel at scale today comes close to equaling ethanol’s ability to prevent American cars and trucks from spewing pollutants from their tailpipes. Unfortunately, one of the most important incentives for the growth of biofuels is now under attack by misguided lawmakers and Big Oil.

  • Why Israel must make bold move to secure Palestinian peace talks – and Israel's future

    As preliminary peace talks with Israeli and Palestinian representatives begin in Washington, Israel must make a bold move to push negotiations forward and protect its security: declaring it has no sovereignty claims to key West Bank areas and facilitating voluntary relocation of Jewish settlers.

  • How US, Russia can agree on missile defense

    US and Russia relations are in a nosedive over Eric Snowden, Syria, and Iran. One way to reverse that is for Presidents Putin and Obama to agree on missile defense at a planned summit in September. US-Russian cooperation in space can serve as a model.

  • To end Syria civil war, West must guarantee minorities' safety with peacekeeping force

    Minorities in Syria support the Assad regime because they fear the alternative. To erode Bashar al-Assad's base of support, Western leaders should offer meaningful security reassurances to Syria's minorities, including the promise of an international peacekeeping force.

  • To cut entitlements, US can look to one of Europe's welfare states

    The mounting cost of entitlements will only grow larger as baby boomers age. Four senators have proposed bipartisan legislation to fix one part of the mess, but more is needed. Congress should look to an unlikely model – Sweden's bipartisan pension reform of the 90s.

  • Obama's proposal to tax municipal bonds will hurt states, cities, and Americans

    A proposal to impose a federal tax on revenues from municipal bonds would be a destructive and unconstitutional way for profligate Washington to raise funds. The tax would deter investors and squeeze cash-strapped states and cities like Detroit. Americans would pay the price.

  • How TV news failed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and American people

    In the hours of continuous broadcast coverage I monitored during and after the trial of George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin, I couldn’t believe the lack of balance in coverage. Walter Cronkite warned that without a strong unbiased press, democracy would struggle.

  • Finding peace for Israelis and Palestinians among people – not policies

    John Kerry or the Arab League may prod a peace deal into place, but nothing can last unless ordinary people living under the policy see that every Israeli is not a settler and every Palestinian does not begrudge Israel a right to exist. I've seen the groundwork of that dialogue at work.

  • Progress in caring for survivors of military sexual assault

    Military sexual trauma is too often exacerbated by poor care in the aftermath. While the Defense Department struggles to improve prevention and prosecution, the VA is has made strides to ensure veterans receive respect and treatment. But more work needs to be done.

  • To combat hunger, give land rights to world's poor women

    A lack of land rights for the poor fuels global hunger. With no ownership, land is poorly cultivated, and families subsist as day laborers or indentured servants. Giving land to the poor, especially women, allows them to grow food for their families and sell crops to pay for education.

  • US must not miss new opportunity to engage with Iran

    For 30 years, the US and Iran have squandered engagement opportunities. President Obama – especially as US officials meet with allies in Brussels today to discuss next steps in nuclear negotiations with Tehran – should avoid a redux with Iran’s President-elect Hassan Rouhani.

  • US can't afford to cede green energy industry to its competitors

    America used to be the leader in clean energy, but it has been surpassed by China and others. The US can't afford to lose the jobs and economic benefits of green energy. Like its competitors, America needs standards that mandate percentages of green energy by key deadlines.

  • For Obama, Bush, Reagan, no vacation from politics

    President Obama doesn’t have his own ranch or summer compound as a vacation retreat, so he stays in rental properties, which seem high-end. Obama has also spent much less time on vacation than his predecessor. In truth, presidents don't get a real break from their job – or from politics.

  • Halting aid to Egypt over military 'coup' would hurt US interests

    Some in Congress want to call the military takeover in Egypt a coup and cut off the $1.5 billion aid the US gives the country annually. This position fails to appreciate the limits of the leverage Washington derives from its aid to Cairo and the potential consequences of halting it. 

  • GOP should remember: Data show immigrants enforce, not threaten, US values

    One sticking point in the House GOP discussion of immigration reform is concern over whether immigrants will be productive members of society. Republicans shouldn't worry. Immigrants outperform native-born citizens on key measures of American values and civic engagement.

  • Muslim women of today – not just the past – must be respected in Egypt, Syria

    In Egypt and Syria, a shrine and mosque named for two of history's most prominent Muslim women are at the center of the conflicts there. These nations must be inclusive of Muslim women of today to help bring the healing peace taught by the Muslim women of the past.

  • Don't view Egypt's coup with a Western lens

    Some American analysts welcomed the ouster of Egypt's democratically elected president because it removed a political Islamist and opened the way for secularists. This Western thinking endangers democracy in Egypt. Integrating Islamists into politics is essential in the Arab world.

  • Pakistan's opportunity: a free-trade deal with rival India

    Trade is not a cure-all for grinding poverty, but a free-trade deal between Pakistan and India would help foster economic growth and regional peace. And the political timing has never been better. Pakistan's new prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, should seize the moment.

  • Speaker Boehner up at bat with immigration reform

    After the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill, House Speaker John Boehner is now at bat. Whether to swing is an incredibly tough call for him. Politically, the issue pits the long-term interests of the Republican Party against the short-term interests of its House members.