Letters to the Editor

Readers write about China's art market, how American automakers affect demand for their product, and why both the Western and Muslim worlds should consider what the Prophet would do.

China's art market is on its way up

Regarding the April 6 article, "As Chinese art market crashes, many artists applaud": This article is an inaccurate description of the Chinese art market.

The amount of money that has been made here should be viewed in the context of a worldwide art market boom. And compared to the Western art market, what has happened in China is still in the minor rather than the major leagues of the art world.

The Chinese talent pool is so rich and so diverse on both the artist and the collector sides that things here will only get better. This could have been explained via a broader spectrum of points of view.

Meg Maggio

Automakers are negatively affecting demand

Regarding the April 1 article, "US car sales plunge in March": One issue that never seems to come up in regard to the car sales slump is that the manufacturers have been telling us about all the new, improved cars that will come in a few months, or in a year or so. This information directly affects consumer demand.

Consumer expectation is a powerful influence on demand, and I believe that this is one very important reason why people are waiting to buy. The expectation of new models just around the corner essentially tells consumers that anything they buy now will soon be obsolete, so they choose to wait for the new cars.

Jim Vandelly
Centreville, Va.

Consider what the Prophet would do

In regard to the April 6 Opinion piece, "A stark question for Iran: What would the Prophet do?": Thank you for this beautifully written commentary by Asma Afsarrudin. I wish all parties to the Western world-Muslim world conflict would read this – it would certainly promote more harmony and understanding on both sides!

Jennifer Quinn
Allentown, Pa.

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