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Readers write about the war on drugs, economic stimulus, and enjoying nature responsibly.

Need to compare Mexico's war on drugs with the US's

In response to the Jan. 23 article, "Mexico, US step up drug cooperation": Yes, Mexico has a problem with drug traffic, largely because demand is out of control in the United States.

To add some perspective, how many drug-related killings did the US have last year? I moved to Mexico from the Washington, D.C., area where drug-related killings – many involving adolescents and innocent children – occurred almost daily. Except for local coverage, the news media ignored it.

It seems to me that one reason Mexico receives a lot of news-media attention for drug-related killings is because the country is using high-profile government troops to fight the war on drugs. That isn't happening in the US.

Mikel Miller
Playas de Rosarito, Mexico

Tax cuts, yes, but not across the board

In response to Donald J. Boudreaux's Jan. 24 Opinion piece, "The foolishness of economic 'stimulus' ": I am reminded of an often quoted axiom of economists, "The only true theory of economics is that there is no true theory of economics." Dr. Boudreaux's suggestion that we continue with tax cuts and free trade seems a bit out of touch.

There are many economists who would suggest that tax cuts and free trade got us into this slowdown in the first place. If Boudreaux wants a long-term solution, why not end Bush's tax cuts for the rich and start to bring down the national debt?

Rick Onderdonk
Tehachapi, Calif.

Off-roaders as environmentalists?

In response to Katrina Ramser's Jan. 23 Opinion piece, "Don't judge me by the size of my tires": Thank you for providing an objective and positive view of responsible recreation. Ms. Ramser's article helps reinforce the efforts that I (and many of my associates) have been advocating. Getting involved is important in order to enjoy a quality recreation experience.

Responsible recreation begins with personal pride and integrity. These days, when recreation demand is growing while the "destination supply" is shrinking, personal involvement is critical.

Demographic changes have created challenges that require new and creative solutions to strike a balance between recreation opportunity and resource protection.

Understanding the issues is important, and creating solutions is essential.

John Stewart
Natural Resource Consultant, California Association of Four-Wheel Drive Clubs
Lakeside, Calif.

Katrina Ramser's Opinion piece regarding off-roading was nicely written and cleverly stated. It presented the same old argument for destructive recreation in an entertaining style.

However, if the author considers herself a passionate environmentalist while tearing around in a vehicle that probably gets less than 12 miles to the gallon, she should consider that she simply doesn't feel passion but rather just feels like having fun.

Richard Vance
Tacoma, Wash.

Regarding Katrina Ramser's Opinion piece: It is so refreshing to read articles like hers that contain a balanced perspective not just on access to the outdoors, but on life in general. Most of the time I feel much like the Lone Ranger with my backyard garden, my recycle tub, my snowmobiles, and my motorboat. I know there are others out there like me, and Ms. Ramser confirms that.

Joni Mogstad
Eugene, Ore.

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