Veterans Day: Monitor Facebook fans sound off

Veterans Day 2011 provides Facebook fans of the Monitor the opportunity to salute relatives and friends who have served their country in time of war and peace.

Doral Chenoweth III/Columbus Dispatch/AP
In this Oct. 22 photo, World War II veteran Melville Swanson pauses for a moment of reflection at the Marine Corps Memorial, also called the Iwo Jima Memorial, in Washington.

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the year 1918 signified the end of World War I.

Since 1919, with the exception of several years in the 1970s, November 11 each year has been set aside as a day to commemorate those who died, as well as those who served.

In 1938, 'Armistice Day' was made into a legal holiday. President Dwight Eisenhower changed the name of the holiday to 'Veterans Day' in 1954.

Millions of Americans are veterans of foreign wars and Monitor Facebook fans had the chance earlier this week to honor friends and family who have worn a service uniform on the social media platform.

Abby Winland Hillman salutes "my grandfather, Emerson P. Krieble, who signed up for WWI when he was only 17, and fought in some of the ugliest battles at the end of that war. Also, my dad, Richard E. Winland, who served in the Korean conflict."

Erika Szivos Wallgren would like to highlight "my husband, who is currently preparing for his fourth deployment to Afghanistan. His leadership, passion and dedication to his job are truly inspiring."

"I'm honoring all those that I served with, all of those that served before me, and those serving currently," says Sean Mitchell.

"I salute all my ancestors who served, including my great-great-great-grandfat her, James Johnson, who stood up for Liberty during the American Revolution and was paid with farmland on the Ayer-Groton(Mass.) town line," replied Silvia Wilson.

Then, there is Monitor Facebook fan Paul S. Gary, who wrote, "Every day is Veterans' Day for me."

How are you honoring the veteran or veterans in your life? Join the conversation on the Monitor's Facebook wall.

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