Pakistan's ties to the Taliban: What should Obama do?

The trove of raw government documents released by WikiLeaks this week has given further support to the claim that Pakistan secretly supports Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan.

US officials say the leaked reports don't take account of recent progress in efforts by Washington and Islamabad to defeat their common enemy.

After 9/11, Washington enlisted Pakistan as an ally in the war on terror, but the depth and sincerity of Islamabad's support has been questioned ever since.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently announced $7.5 billion in development aid to Pakistan, the centerpiece of an effort to rebuild Pakistani trust in America.

In light of renewed concerns over Pakistan's agenda in Afghanistan, what steps should officials in Islamabad take to rebuild American trust in Pakistan? And what, if anything, should President Obama do to compel a Pakistani crackdown on Taliban insurgents?

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