Shirley Sherrod video: Have you been judged unfairly?

USDA official Shirley Sherrod was forced to resign earlier this week after edited video footage appeared to show her regaling a mostly black audience with a story of racist actions she took against a white farmer while working for a nonprofit group years earlier.

After being roundly denounced by conservatives, administration officials, and even the NAACP, a fuller review of the evidence has now prompted widespread apologies. Ms. Sherrod's controversial remarks, the full video makes clear, were intended to show a turning point in her commitment to helping poor farmers of all races and to promote racial unity.

It's unclear if Sherrod will return to her position in the government.

Have you experienced unfair criticism as a result of having your comments taken out of context? Were you able to repair your reputation? What advice would you give to Sherrod?

Share your thoughts using the form below.

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