Israeli blockade of Gaza: What would you change?

Israel's blockade of Gaza has come under the microscope since last month when it stopped a flotilla of ships designed to deliver aid to Palestinians, resulting in a deadly assault. Now international pressure has prompted Israel's security cabinet to consider easing the blockade, which is aimed at preventing Hamas from launching rockets at Israeli civilians.

As part of the blockade – which Israel also hopes will eventually oust the Hamas government – Israel maintains a list of items allowed into the Palestinian territory. It is now weighing a switch to a system where, rather than going by a list of what is acceptable, Israel would only regulate a list of what is not allowed into Gaza. This could translate into a considerable easing of the blockade, say supporters.

What do you think? What kind of effect could this have? Is this a first step to some major changes? How do you think Israel should alter the blockade?

Use the form below to offer constructive ideas:

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