Today's topics: Mexico, teen obesity, redistricting, Arizona, health care

Jacob Turcotte/Staff

1. President Calderon's visit is an opportunity to reset US-Mexican ties

From The Washington Post: "Mexico should propose, and Obama should welcome, a new stage in bilateral relations whose purpose would be to build what NAFTA left out and to reduce the development gap – in income, welfare, technology, security, rule of law, health and education – between Mexico and its wealthier North American partners."

2. First lady Michelle Obama's campaign on teen obesity needs help from Congress

From the St. Peterburg Times: "A report last month from Mission: Readiness – a nonprofit group of retired military officials – warned that already one-quarter of young Americans weigh too much to qualify for the military. The school lunch program isn't the only culprit in the increase in childhood obesity, but it is one problem that Congress and local school districts can fix."

3. Finding a middle ground for ethnic studies in schools

From The Chicago Tribune: "Ethnic studies can serve as a cultural comfort zone, if only as a bridge to their studies of mainstream America and a greater appreciation of constitutional law and values. From there, all students can engage more fully in the beauty of diversity."

4. One plan for a nonpartisan way to redraw the legislative map

From The Oregonian: "The impact of extreme partisanship on every aspect of public life has become overbearing, almost corrosive.... [This] proposal would take redistricting out of the hands of partisan elected officials (legislators and the secretary of state) and give the job to a panel of senior Circuit Court judges."

5. A private way to solve the high price of health care

From The Weekly Standard: "Some doctors and health care companies will find ways to operate successfully outside the system, offering patients more control over their health care and often at lower costs than in the government/private insurance oligopoly."

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