Looking for answers: five of the best in current commentary

1. Why a breakthrough in Middle East peace may be at hand

From the Beirut Star: "To effect change in Israel, the Americans are launching various trial balloons. One is that, if the current process fails, Obama might issue his own plan, which many expect would be a near-carbon copy of the proposal made by President Bill Clinton’s administration in its last days a decade years ago."

2. A Chicago program for inner-city youngsters who are prone to kill

From The New York Times: "Individuals who are most likely to be involved in violence, either as offenders or victims, are personally engaged, talked with, counseled, cajoled — whatever it takes to prevent bloodshed."

3. What Greece and Turkey can do to end hostility

From Hurriyet: "During the upcoming working visit, ... steps will be taken toward a durable peace and non-aggression treaty to slash the defense expenditures of both countries."

4. A pollster finds what is missing from American politics

From RealClearPolitics: "The American people don't want to be governed from the left, the right, or the center. The American people want to govern themselves."

5. A new way to train teachers

From the Los Angeles Times: "Education schools should create an opportunity to help train America's best and brightest students, with a full year to transform them into effective teachers."

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