A higher hope

“There is a hope that is more / than a fool’s paradise,” this poem begins, highlighting the powerful spiritual basis for “strength, peace, and renewal” that can’t be lost.

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There is a hope that is more
than a fool’s paradise, crossed
fingers, or a maybe brighter day
with darkness close behind; a
hope that can’t waft away like a
balloon lost hold of, soon a tiny
speck, then altogether gone.

This hope doesn’t mock the
undesigning desire; the hope
whose wellspring is God, Love,
lifts us above what seem like
sinking odds, to the cloudless
promise of pure spiritual goodness
– our one true reality.

Here we are held as children of
God, whose love is worthy of
our surefire trust, doubt-free.

Now we eagerly, alertly welcome
the vision of genuine hope, urging
us to take hold of all that is ours
because God-given: the appearing
of sweet strength, peace, and renewal
never to vanish.

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