A holy presence

Even when we’re feeling isolated or alone, God’s comforting, healing presence is right with us, as this poem highlights.

There’s a holy presence in this house,
No empty space to fear.
There’s a gentle presence in this house
Of all that I hold dear.

Life, Truth, and Love are with me still,
They’re ever at my side.
I have my Father-Mother
In whom I can confide.

Should it ever seem too quiet
Then I will be quieter still,
To hear what God is saying
So that I may do His will.

If I’m tempted to yearn for company
To while away an hour,
I’ll entertain, right then and there,
Angel thoughts of His all-power.

For we each are given a purpose
That only He can declare,
And to fill that holy purpose
Brings peace beyond compare.

But Love divine has greater plan
Than our duty well fulfilled;
It’s joy that runneth over,
And o’er us will be spilled.

Originally published in the December 1998 issue of The Christian Science Journal.

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