Night grace

“[God’s] love surrounds me, and once more I see/ and know anew that I am not alone,” writes the author of this poem, which speaks to the power of divine light to bring peace and comfort “when worries trouble even peaceful night.”

Photo credit: Cheryl DeSanctis

When worries trouble even peaceful night,
I wake to You, O God, as if You’d brought
a lantern swift to bathe me in its light,
illuming the felt dark cave of my thought.

Your love surrounds me, and once more I see
and know anew that I am not alone
to fight the sense of loud futility
that seems to often deafen with its tone.

The walls that seemed so real to close me in
are gone, and in their place, behold – the sky!
The vastness of Your grace uplifts me then
and fills my wings once more that I might fly.

Now calmed by Truth so natural and clear,
I rest again, consoled that You are here.

This poem appears in the March 30, 2020, issue of the Christian Science Sentinel.

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