Equally unique

No matter what we look like or where in the world we come from, as the children of God, we are all “vital, momentous, unique,” as this poem conveys.

There is nothing that hints
at impartiality quite like
the sun flooding its light,
everywhere, all rays uniting
in one outflow, yet each one
reflecting distinctly where it
lands – sparkling on a first
snow, warming curled-up cats
at daybreak, dancing on water –
each shaft made of sun stuff.

Can you imagine even one ray
marginalized, shunned, less than,
losing its moment, its essence
to shine?

Then I think of Spirit, God,
infinite source of good and light,
who causes us to shine as the
myriad children of Spirit, each
reflecting equally yet incomparably
the light of God’s nature, divine
Love’s grace, purity, warmth;
a light that melts a cold prejudice,
blazes a dark divide, freshens
a zestless morale.

Spirit, our true source, is
brilliant, impelling the freedom
of everyone’s expression of
divine light – vital, momentous,
unique, right now.

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