Claim freedom!

“No need to feel forever trapped,” assures this poem, which highlights everyone’s God-given right to progress, safety, and strength. 

No need to feel forever trapped
by years of wasted time
and effort brought to naught.
Shut out bleak images of
barren days gone by
and what they’ve left undone.

Your heritage is strength divine
to do the right,
reject the wrong.
Use that strength
to leave the wilderness
of doubt and fear behind.

Securely held in God’s embrace,
emerge from darkness into light.
He’ll tell you what you ought to do
and what you need to know.
Did you not know?
You’re one with Him!

The past is naught;
there is just now!
Safe with Father-Mother Love,
progress ever will unfold.
You are the child of God!
Claim freedom as your prize!

Originally published in the Oct. 8, 2018, issue of the Christian Science Sentinel.

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