Mothering love for children

A Christian Science perspective: Recognizing that all of us reflect divine Love’s care can contribute to a secure and healthy environment for our children.

At the time our daughter started the fourth grade in a new school, I was traveling extensively for work. Frequent absences left me feeling disconnected from her daily life and wondering if she was getting the support and care that I as her mom should be giving her. Although she had a hands-on dad who happily covered all the bases, I bore much guilt, and this led to a combination of hovering over her when I was home and worrying when I was away. Seeking to eliminate the guilt and its unhealthy effects, I began to consider more deeply my role as her mother.

I thought of some of the things I’d learned through my study of Christian Science – for instance, that we are all created by God, each reflecting the nature and qualities of our divine source. From this I understood that we reflect God, divine Love, in unlimited ways. God is the infinite, illimitable Mother of us all – not as a person, but as the universal presence of Love. God’s mothering care is always with us to guide, protect, cheer, cherish, uplift, and support.

As I considered God as the true, spiritual Mother of each of us, I recognized that this was true for my daughter, too. Of course I had a responsibility to care for her. But I saw that mothering isn’t limited to one person’s physical presence. We each have an unbreakable relation to our divine Mother, who cares for us at all times and in all the ways necessary for us to thrive. My role as my daughter’s mom could include being a witness to her spiritual nature as a child of God. This idea brought me peace and light, because I knew I could be that spiritual witness at any time and in any place.

As I began trying to do that more diligently, the excessive worry lifted. The school year got off to a great start. My daughter adored her teachers and got involved in fun after-school activities. Then, upon my return from a business trip, I discovered that my daughter had been involved in a speech therapy class at school without her parents’ knowledge or consent. But she had perfect diction!

Concerned, I called the therapist right away. She said, “Oh, your daughter doesn’t need therapy. But she comes to be my helper. She is a bright little light that helps the other children and me. I do hope you will let her continue.” I agreed, and she continued to help the therapist and her classmates through the school year.

I will never forget my daughter’s face when she reported, “Mommy, Dr. K. says that I am like sunshine on a snowy day!” I saw immediately that this unexpected arrangement was helping provide her with just the care she needed in her new school, and she loved it.

The start of a new school year often generates excitement, and sometimes angst, as our children venture out into new experiences. But recognizing God as our Mother and each of us as reflecting divine Love’s unlimited blessing and care can ease our worry and contribute to a secure and healthy environment for children – our own, our neighbor’s, and the world’s.

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