A Christian Science perspective: Prayer that acknowledges God’s intelligence and love as here to guide us all brings a change in thought that supports immediate, practical solutions to the world’s needs.

Clean, accessible water for all. Is it really possible?

With water scarcity and drought in many parts of the world, this may seem an impossible goal. Yet according to United Nations reports, there is enough fresh water on our planet. But poor infrastructure and bad economic policies contribute to inadequate water supplies. The need is urgent in many parts of the world.

So, as individuals, what can you and I do?

I find prayer is a great starting point, even when problems seem overwhelming. Not prayer to a God who is unable or perhaps unwilling to respond to His creation’s needs. But prayer that acknowledges God as a benevolent Parent, lovingly and impartially caring for all of us, God’s spiritual creation – an all-wise divine Mind that is an infinite resource of intelligent ideas.

This kind of prayer brings a change in mind-set, a willingness to think less about ourselves and more about the greater good. Such change can ripple out from individuals to communities and nations in the form of immediate, practical solutions in support of efforts to make wiser economic decisions and build better infrastructure.

Then, as the Bible says, we can all drink of the “fountain of the water of life freely” (Revelation 21:6). We begin to see how God’s intelligence and love are here to guide us all.

This article was adapted from the June 2, 2017, Christian Science Daily Lift podcast.

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