Where is home in the housing market?

A Christian Science perspective: Spiritual intuition can be your compass.

As the housing market slowly recovers in the United States, people may start looking to move. Baby boomers may accelerate a current trend of downsizing to smaller homes, while younger families may begin to upsize.

Increased activity in the housing market causes many people to look to the "experts" for advice. Many of these experts share totally valid yet varied opinions. Some anticipate continued recovery; others worry about even further decline. In the case of baby boomers, some advocate downsizing; others argue that the financial benefits may in fact be insignificant. And with young families, some encourage upsizing while prices are low; others warn of risks and setbacks.

Just type "downsizing" or "upsizing" into Google, and you'll find all sorts of perspectives. It can be easy to get lost in a maze of advice. How can anyone know which choice is best?

I'm not advocating downsizing or upsizing, renting or buying, moving or staying put. What's needed is to take more time to spiritualize our concept of home.

While consulting the experts can be helpful, the best help we can get is from the best expert – and that's God. God, divine Mind, is infinite intelligence. God knows the best course of action for each one of us, and He wisely directs our path when we turn to Him wholeheartedly for guidance.

God has always been infinitely reliable. Take the case of Joseph in the Bible. When Pharaoh couldn't discern the meaning of a mysterious and troubling dream, Joseph told him, "God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace" (Genesis 41:16). Then, with God's help, Joseph interpreted the dream correctly, which resulted in gathering and storing grain during seven years of plenty so that Egypt would have sustenance during the following seven years of famine.

"To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings," wrote Mary Baker Eddy ("Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," p. vii). No one needs to lean on the shifting sands of confusing opinions. Each one of us can turn away from fear, worry, and uncertainty, and lean totally on the sustaining infinite, God.

This may mean we need to uplift our idea of home. We may need to understand that home is not a physical place that costs money we may or may not have; rather, home is an idea in consciousness. Our home is where we naturally express spiritual qualities such as love, comfort, peace, generosity, stability, productivity, and joy. Home is where we come together with those dear to us. Home is where we are free to be ourselves.

When we spiritualize our concept of home, we see that our home truly is within us. The spiritual qualities we associate with home, and that we cherish in our hearts and prayers, will naturally be expressed outwardly in whatever way is appropriate for us. In our specific circumstances, this may mean downsizing, upsizing, renting, buying, or just staying right where we are. But we'll know clearly the answer that is right as we let our spiritual intuition be our compass and trust God's unending, infinite love to point the way.

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