So the boss has to evaluate you?

A Christian Science perspective.

I was an untenured teacher, so my principal was required to observe and evaluate me several times during the school year. I taught afternoon kindergarten, and because of the principal’s schedule, he hardly ever saw me outside of those formal observations. As a result, I felt a great deal of pressure anticipating those sessions.

A friend gave me some spiritual insights that helped calm me down. She reminded me that the moment-by-moment reflection of God is the only real job I ever have. Listening to and obeying God is what I should be doing all the time no matter who is present or what is going on.

God is the only judge, the only boss. I need to please only Him ... at all times.

This helped me see that I could welcome the principal into my classroom as I would welcome a friend into my home. And not only is my principal a friend, I realized, but more important, he’s part of God’s creation.

I can see God’s qualities expressed in him, such as discernment and love, and he can see the same in me. I began to trust that more poise, intelligence, humor, clarity would naturally shine through me regardless of the particular activity going on in the classroom when he came. So I could stop worrying about making special elaborate plans and simply respond to the ideas that were constantly coming to me from God.

I did stop worrying and really tried to be consistent in listening to and obeying the one great teacher, God. I stayed open to the daily intuitions that were leading me in what to do and say.

Then one afternoon, on a day that I had very sketchy plans, the principal popped into my room about two minutes before I was to pick the children up from the playground. He informed me that he would be in shortly to observe me.

At first I panicked. But then I remembered that I just needed to trust and go forward. God is the only Mind, the only source of ideas, and God is right here with all of us.

When the principal arrived, I was at ease and welcomed him in. We enjoyed including him in our day. The lesson unfolded gently and naturally, and many new ideas came that I hadn’t even considered. The children were very good, and it was a fun time for all of us. I knew in my heart that it was a good event regardless of what anyone else said.

Later, during a discussion of the evaluation, I found that the principal was very pleased with what he had seen. I’m continuing to learn that all we’re ever required to do is to faithfully listen to and obey God. He is our only boss. Knowing that can make job evaluations a lot more enjoyable.

For a Korean translation of this article, see The Herald of Christian Science.

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