Our role in the future of energy

A Christian Science perspective.

The development of renewable-energy solutions requires collaboration by all involved. Beyond technological challenges, there are issues of energy distribution, economics, politics, policy, and environmental regulation. Add to the mix an array of opinions about the best way forward, and the thought of tackling our current need for sustainable energy solutions can feel daunting.

I work as a process engineer for a renewable-energy company in Canada and continually witness the need for collaboration between all stakeholders. It’s tempting to feel that those working in different areas of renewable energy have drastically different priorities. But I’ve come to realize that my work as a process engineer is meaningless if I don’t consider environmental regulations, electricity distribution, and economics. We all have to work together to rebuild our energy systems. Having no collaboration and teamwork is like hiring 10 people to build a wall and giving each of them a different set of directions; the result will likely be a dysfunctional wall and 10 frustrated people.

People around the world are working to solve our energy needs in a renewable way. We can help move this work forward by praying for their successful collaboration, teamwork, and resolution to conflicting priorities. By realizing that we are all dedicated to a common goal, we can work together to find solutions.

The story of Nehemiah rebuilding the wall surrounding Jerusalem reminds me of what is possible when we are dedicated to a common goal (see Nehemiah, Chapters 1-6). When Nehemiah found out that the wall was broken down, he turned to God in prayer for guidance. He knew he was not the sole solution, but was part of the solution. Just as he couldn’t build the wall alone, a new energy system cannot be built alone. Through reliance on God for ideas, he found solutions that provided protection and fair conflict resolution to all involved. If we are willing to do the same, we can expect to witness peaceful growth in the renewable-energy field.

By viewing all those working in renewable energy as allies instead of opponents, I have witnessed an abundance of creative solutions. I’ve found it makes all the difference to understand that because we are each created by God, divine Love, we each have access to His guidance. The Christian Science textbook, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy, says, “Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way. Right motives give pinions to thought, and strength and freedom to speech and action” (p. 454).

The inspiration of divine Love is available to everyone, so we can all be guided with right ideas to allow us to achieve energy solutions together. In reality we are all working toward a common goal. When the motive is to provide solutions, then energy providers, policymakers, engineers, and government agencies can move forward harmoniously. Although the challenges seem arduous, reliance on divine Love will show us the way.

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