Economic volatility or God's government?

A Christian Science perspective.

Some economists are predicting a stock market double-dip – another violent dip following last year's dip that would give investors economic whiplash. Others are predicting a recovery that will come as quickly as the initial drop last year about this time. Economic volatility is something many have suffered under during the past year's bear/bull markets.

Circumstances like this can push individuals to seek stability and peace from a spiritual source. As one watches the ebb or flow or spiking of the stock market, the falling dollar, the rising price of gold, and the fluctuations in the marketplace, prayer can reveal the way to stability, and even sustainability. To stand firmly on the spiritual ground of God's government, one needs to be willing to acknowledge God's presence and power – His willingness and ability to govern all, and to govern positively. In other words, spiritually understanding God as all-powerful and ever present, willing and able to bless His creation – you and me – and bring forth all good, enables us to rise above economic volatility, fears, and anxieties to trust in Him. The Bible calls it "casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you" (I Pet. 5:7).

Sometimes it's easy to see God as able to stabilize our thoughts and lives, but we may doubt His willingness. Other times, it's easy to see God's willingness to bring about spiritual peace, but we may doubt His ability. When both the willingness and the ability of God are acknowledged in prayer, they are manifested in our lives. Together they show us God's absolute control over every situation we may find ourselves in.

Spiritually understanding God as all-powerful and all-loving lifts our thoughts away from other so-called economic forces such as greed, fear, and efforts to deceive or manipulate outcomes through political machinations. Prayer helps one recognize God's care and control over His creation. This stabilizes not only our lives but our thoughts. A stable consciousness is unafraid. It is spiritually confident. It is at peace, even in the midst of disaster. But this isn't about ignoring the economic instability. Actually, it's about looking it right in the eye.

Facing the fear, instability, and panic through prayer – prayer that's based on God's willingness and ability to deliver His children from harm – actually stabilizes our lives and results in more spiritual peace. Rather than running from economic turmoil or feeling burdened under it, we can learn to stand up against the threats. To understand and prove God's absolute control of His government enables us to be strong.

God's blessing is not only for a chosen few. His gracious care and benevolence touch everyone. Through our prayers to see this truth, it is possible to help promote the health and stability of the stock market, and even world economies. To understand that the one divine power is in control awakens us to accept more of His direction.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," "Be firm in your understanding that the divine Mind governs, and that in Science man reflects God's government" (p. 393). God will guide and govern each one who seeks His guidance. He is present right now to bless one and all.

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