Slugs are our friends

Instead of being distressed when slugs eat your garden plants, try prayer and feeding them cat food.

Many yeas ago, I really hated slugs because they would eat up my garden vegetables. At the time we lived in a very wooded place so there were a lot of slugs, and the slug problem seemed endless. I tried leaving out little dishes of beer, but I didn't like supporting the beer industry and I didn't want to hate anything, so I prayed.Then one day we got a heavy rain and all the slugs came out to climb around on the trees. They were really big and so beautiful! I could see their happiness and the beautiful colors of their bodies. It was very neat! And I couldn't hate them anymore.

Still, there is the practical need to protect our gardens. As I prayed, the answer came: cat food! If you do this, you'll find that slugs will actually RACE to get to crunchy cat food, which they find quite delicious! So whenever I have to gently remove them from places where they shouldn't be, I always provide a cat food alternative. This blesses them and my plants. It's true that the cats aren't too keen on my sharing their food with slugs, but I have explained about the need for brotherly love and tell them to get over it.

Using this method will make you and your garden happy and you won't have to engage in slugicide either!

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