Redeeming spiders

If you hate spiders, you will get a new perspective on these intelligent and jolly predators.

"I hate spiders" is a very common saying, especially when an innocent spider happens to come down from the ceiling and hangs in front of someone's face. You may say, "Just kill it!" But spiders have many wonderful qualities, among them a taste for gnats and mosquitoes. So if you have lots of spiders, you probably won't have gnats and mosquitoes. It's true that spiders' webs can be a bit unsightly after they have been heavily used, but you should keep in mind that some spiders spin beautiful webs-. Orb weavers in particular are talented artists and their webs are even prettier when there are a few raindrops captured on them, but this natural effect can be difficult to capture indoors.

Spiders also have more than one or two eyes, generally speaking, and there's nothing quite like going eye to eyes with a spider.

Jumping spiders--jump! But they won't necessarily jump on you! Remember that you look by Godzilla to them. Tarantulas are much bigger than the kind of jumping spiders one sees in the Northeast, but they they tend to be nearsighted and won't bite unless you tease them. Remember that wild animals, including spiders, can't just go to MacDonald's and order a bug burger. They need to actually catch their meals. So working for food is a serious business to them. And messing around with them when they are thinking of filet of grasshopper just isn't a good idea.

So the next time you think "yuck" when you see a spider, keep in mind that it is actually a spiritual idea, and that God loves it. That it was and is God's idea when He created the universe. So if it's God's idea, it has to be good. That will help you really feel happy when the next spider lands on your ice cream and encourage you to gently help it to the ground instead of just squishing it.

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