The law of good that overcomes violence

A Christian Science perspective.

As the demand for illegal drugs continues to provide a profitable market in the United States, drug-related violence jars both sides of the border. In Reynosa, Mexico, a gun battle swept through a day-care center. Fortunately, brave women slipped the children out of the building before bullets riddled the walls. No child was hurt. In Tucson, Ariz., home invasions are beginning to affect every neighborhood and economic level.

But there is a law of good that overcomes violence and the fear of violence. Christian Science explains this law of good as a divine law of safety that is available to everyone. The law of safety is the law of God, of good, which is supreme on earth. God protects each individual through the operation of divine law. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was sent by God to demonstrate the power of divine law to protect human lives. When a mob threatened to stone Jesus, he was shielded by this law. He walked "though the midst of them and so passed by safely" (John 8:59, The Living Bible).

The same law that Jesus taught and demonstrated saves and protects people today. The Christ, or divine idea of God, is always present to help and heal. Christ communicates the law of good through intuition and inspiration, which some call God's angel messages.

Mary Baker Eddy discovered Christian Science. She described angels as "God's representatives" (see "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," p. 299). They surround us with the armor of divine Love. Obedience to God's laws guides us away from danger and defuses confrontation. God's law of good is speaking to everyone with precisely what they need to hear to be safe and to protect others.

God's law is stated in the Ten Commandments. The first is "You may worship no other God than me" (Ex. 20:3, The Living Bible) This "me" is the God of good. As Jesus said, "God alone is truly good" (Matt 19:17, The Living Bible). God creates each individual as inherently good. Nothing on this earth can steal away the inherent treasures of good given to us from God.

God is the divine I AM (see Ex. 3:14), the all-powerful Supreme Being, saving and protecting all creation. In God's holy community, good is more powerful than evil. Love is more powerful than hate. Even those who aren't obeying God's laws are governed and protected by the divine I AM. No one can be left out of God's kingdom. Nor do we have to wait until we die to be part of it. No one can escape God's demands and the blessings associated with obedience. No matter what one has done or has not done, the law of God is present right now to touch the heart from within and transform it.

Our prayers and obedience to the Ten Commandments can form a shield of protection around the innocent. These same prayers can awaken others to worship good instead of evil. Christ's message of hope and salvation is for all humankind.

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