Rebuilding – a spiritual view

A Christian Science perspective

Under a headline that shouts "Cycle of Fear," The Washington Post reports, "The nation is caught in a dangerous cycle [that] has contributed to anxiety among ... consumers and businesses. That, in turn, has caused further economic weakness" (March 4). But the cycle is not inevitable. A fix is within reach. The remedy includes replacing fear and anxiety with confidence and trust. In other words, rebuilding the economy involves reshaping thought on a very large scale.

A spiritual perspective helps make this happen. Jesus' own words, with fear-quashing assurance, lift one to that higher spiritual perspective: "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom" (Luke 12:32). This kingdom is His infinite realm of unending harmony.

As we accept this promise, anxiety begins to lose its paralyzing grip. The solid, confidence-building nature of the Almighty's assurances takes hold. We find, in so many ways, that divine help is at hand, that being fearless is not a matter of being blind to challenges, and that relying on the God who created the entire universe means not viewing the rebuilding of the global economy as an impossible task.

In fact, as Jesus' words indicate, the Father is so attentive to your circumstances, so committed to seeing your needs met, so devoted to providing you with all good, that He gives you the kingdom – the whole, entire kingdom. He cares for us individually as well as collectively. God, the one infinite Mind, bestows the whole kingdom on one and on all. That's possible because it's a kingdom of ideas, of understanding, of spiritual inspiration – all consistent with His nature.

Central to rebuilding the economy is knowing who the real builder is. It wouldn't hurt to also know who the real architect is. Mary Baker Eddy once wrote, "Mind is the architect that builds its own idea, and produces all harmony that appears" ("Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896," p. 41). Mrs. Eddy discovered the power of God, of that divine Mind, to be so consistent and so reliable that she termed her discovery Christian Science.

From a spiritual perspective, the builder and the architect are one and the same, and that one is God, the Mind of all. His creation is His idea. So, in the purest sense, as we see progress in rebuilding the economy we're glimpsing what is already true but has been hidden – God's own, always perfect, never flawed idea. Mind as the architect is the originator of spiritual, problem-solving ideas. Mind as the builder is the power that brings those ideas to full expression.

Realize that, and you've helped remove a load of false responsibility from your shoulders as well as from those manning the levers of power. Realize that, and you've helped bring certainty to where uncertainty seemed rampant. Realize that, and you've contributed to advancing confidence and marginalizing anxiety. That's a plus for you and for everyone touched by your prayer. Stick with that prayer, and you'll help rebuild the economy.

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