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Explore your new Monitor launches a fresh design Wednesday, June 11.

The Christian Science Monitor
A cleaner, less cluttered, brighter, less busy, look for is coming June 11. – this website – just got a makeover. We've been working on it for many months, and we've been testing each element as we developed it with visitors to the site. Perhaps you were one of them. 

The new design went live on Wednesday, June 11.

Our aims in this redesign were pretty simple – make it easier to read and make it easier for readers to find what they want.

It’s a cleaner, less cluttered, brighter, less busy, look. It uses more white space and a color palette dominated by the Monitor’s familiar black and yellow. We hope you find the design quicker for the eye to sort out, with the options clearer and the content easier to navigate.

But it’s about function as well as form. We're sticking to basics to make the site look better and work better in ways that we know visitors care about. Let us know how you think we did. (email

The changes are not over. We’re also working on something new. Many of our readers are truly engaged global citizens who care about the people and places in the news. We’re exploring ways to help such readers – including you – find paths to action. To be clear, we’re committed to the ideal and the discipline of nonpartisan, unbiased reporting of the news. Our readers will set their own action agendas. That's not our job. ​

But we can help point out possibilities and make connections. 

​We're ​still exploring how, and we will ​want your help. This feature will go live later this summer, so we would like to run some ideas by you now. To see what we have in mind and weigh in, go to the black navigation bar at the top of this page and click on "TAKE ACTION."

​Stay tuned for more!

​And t​hank you for being a Monitor reader.

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