GasBuddy and other apps map the cheapest gas

GasBuddy sends drivers to the stations with the cheapest gas as prices continue to rise.

Peter Haley / AP
A motorist finishes pumping gas to his car at an Arco station in Federal Way, Wash. on Monday, March 7, 2011. Can mobile apps like GasBuddy help you navigate rising gas prices?

As gas prices keep rising, some drivers are looking to mobile apps like GasBuddy as a way to hold their costs down. With an app on your smartphone, knowledge about prices in your area arrives right where you are, right when you need it—when you notice that "empty" warning light.

If these little applications didn't seem as compelling last year as "Angry Birds," maybe they are now.

Unrest in North Africa and beyond has pushed prices up steadily in recent weeks, up 44 cents just since the start of the year to $3.52 per gallon Tuesday, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

GasBuddy is a website that you can check for prices at local gas stations. GasBuddy is also available as an app for Android, iPhone, and other mobile devices. Some other mobile apps include GasBook (available on iTunes for iPhones) and Poynt (an Android shopping app that includes local gas prices).

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