Jack in the Box offer: Two free tacos

Jack in the Box is offering two free tacos Nov. 16 while supplies last.

Courtesy of Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box restaurants in 19 states have a deal for Nov. 16: two free tacos.

Every minute, Americans consume 775 tacos from Jack in the Box. That's 46,500 an hour; 1.1 million a day; 407 million a year.

But on Nov. 16, the odds are quite high that the taco-consumption rate has soared.

That's because the San Diego-based chain is offering two free tacos to everyone customer who requests it between 2 p.m. and closing on Nov. 16. There's no purchase necessary and the offer is good for as long as supplies last.

Why are the 2,200 Jack in the Box restaurants spread over 19 states offering the deal?

Well, why not? says the company's press release (.pdf).

It's a Tuesday in November. And that's reason enough.

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