Why does Google say Topeka? Five top corporate pranks for April Fools' Day

Google appreciates a good April Fools' prank, and it's not alone. Here are our picks for the five best corporate pranks this year.

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Google has changed its name to Topeka for the day. Happy April Fools Day!

Ah, April Fools' Day, the one day of the year it seems corporate companies can really show their true colors (and just how dorky-endearing their employees are).

Curious about the corporate hijinks floating around the Internet today? Maybe you should Topeka it.

That’s right, Google has changed its name to Topeka to return the favor the small Kansas city bestowed on it when it temporarily changed its name to Google.

In other April Fools' news:

--Starbucks: It has added two new sizes to its offerings. Now, in addition to tall, grande, and venti, there’s now "plenta" and "micra." Other names the coffee company is rumored to have considered: gynormous and too-small-to-prop-even-one-eye-open.

--Crunchpad: Techcrunch says it has launched a new version of its troubled tablet computer. The best part is that you can make it yourself with the handy kit they provide and any old computer you have lying around.

--YouTube The online video site is also breaking new technological ground ­– in a way that happens to be especially near and dear to our word-smithing hearts. Forget watching 1080p and HD video. YouTube is now offering text mode.

From their release:

TEXTp is the result of months of intense transcoding efforts by our engineers, who toiled for weeks to ensure that a large chunk of videos on the platform could be reduced to their most basic elements. By replacing the images in the video with a series of letters and numbers, the videos are far less taxing on our system -- and have the added benefit of promoting literacy!

You can sample text mode here.

--A Japanese multinational corporation is investigating how some of its customers were accidentally sent back in time. That’s according to Wikipedia’s homepage Thursday morning, so it must be true.

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Why does Google say Topeka? Five top corporate pranks for April Fools' Day

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