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French architect Frédéric Tabary poses inside his hamster hotel, actually an 18th-century caretaker's room in Nantes, France.

At French hamster hotel, live like a rodent

French hamster hotel allows guests to spend the night like a hamster.

In Nantes, France, you can live in a hamster hotel.

For 99 euros ($148) a night, guests can sleep like a hamster (clean sheets, but the bed is next to hamster litter), drink like a hamster, eat grains like a hamster. And what furry pet hotel -- even one in an 18th-century caretaker's room -- would be complete without a hamster wheel? (Warning: The video below contains a grown French man with a hamster hat running on a man-sized hamster wheel.)

The 2-meter version at the Hamster Villa allows adults to run in circles as long as they want. There are human creature comforts, too, like a microwave oven, coffee service, and, soon, a flat-screen TV and Wi-Fi.

Below you can find a news video clip of an interview with home decorator Frédéric Tabary, one of the two men who created the room. The interview is in French, but the pictures really tell the story. Here's a rough English translation of the first part of the video:

"It's the possibility in 18 square meters to live an incredible experience, which is to live in a hamster's skin. So living in the skin of a hamster, what does that mean? It means being able to put on the head of a hamster. It's being able to eat grains like a hamster ... We all know the hamster has a water bottle ... You get on all fours to get to the nest like a hamster ... The idea is really to live an experience, but with all the comforts of a ... microwave, George who serves you coffee. Everything is here, there's just the added ambiance of a cage and the sensation of a hamster when, for example, he runs in his hamster wheel, which is pretty funny..."

If you can decipher the French words I missed, Tweet to us (or include #hamster in your Tweet generally) and we'll update the translation. You can also let us know what other animals you'd pay to spend a night imitating.

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