ATT net service halted by cut fiber cable

ATT net service temporarily interrupted by cut fiber cable.

Lisa Poole/AP/File
AT&T, whose logo is seen in a RadioShack store in Gloucester, Mass., experienced a temporary loss of its ATT net service Monday because a telecommunications cable was cut.

Access to AT&T's webmail was interrupted Monday morning because a fiber optic cable was disabled. The service was working again by 10:15 a.m. E.S.T.

"Due to a fiber cut, access to was temporarily impacted earlier this morning," company spokesman Mark Siegel wrote in an e-mail. "Access to the site has been restored."

The outage cut off users from their AT&T Web-based e-mail and other services for several hours. Some AT&T users reported difficulties last night as well, according to a news report.

AT&T, the largest US telecom company, has seen a surge of users to its wireless service because of the popularity of Apple's iPhone.
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