Unemployed? This week's Top 7 job offers

This week's top 8 job offers will get you into zoos, car crushing yards and the habitat of ... anadromous salmonids?


Got the skills to be a full-time e-mail czar? What about making sure that all of Idaho's anadromous salmonids are looked after? Or you could help crush cars. We've got a little bit of everything, from Phoenix to Danbury, Conn., in this week's top jobs.

1. E-mail Czar
Employer: Village Voice Media.
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: Needs a candidate who will "eat, sleep and drink email" and increase Internet subscriptions from 750,000 to 2 million. Ideal candidate will be a "goal driver, possess strong creativity and revenue producing marketing ideas and the strongest of communication skills."
Location: Phoenix, Dallas, Denver.

2. Entry Level Sales - Master Cutlery
Employer: Master Cutlery.
Wages/salary: $40,000-$50,000
Details: Salesperson will be challenged to identify new accounts, reactivate inactive accounts and grow existing business for a company best known as a manufacturer and distributor of "top quality swords, tactical and hunting knives."
Location: Secaucus, N.J., (pop. 15,931, median family income $72,568) hosted the 2009 WNBA draft in April.

3. Deputy Columbia/Snake Salmon Recovery Program Manager
Employer: Bureau of Reclamation
Wages/salary: $80,402-$104,525
Details: Responsible for assisting in "administering and implementing the Pacific Northwest region's endangered species activities." The position's primary responsibility is to "oversee implementation of actions required by Biological Opinions and related documents for Endangered Species Act listed species, particularly anadromous salmonids.
Location: Boise, Idaho, (pop. 203,818, median family income $64,519) is home to the Basque Museum, the only one of its kind in North America.

4. Animal Food Preparer
Employer: San Diego Zoo
Wages/salary: $11.42-$12.93 per hour
Details: Essential functions of this position include the preparation of food for the bird collection, chopping various fruits and vegetables, handling insects, fish and other food items as well as washing bird trays. Selected applicant will be required to maintain live forage items such as mice, lizards and insects.
Location: San Diego (pop. 1,264,263, median family income $72,407) is home to the University of California - San Diego, whose mascot is the "Triton."

5. Auto Dismantler
Employer: Tolpa's Auto Parts
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: After the "cash for clunkers" program, auto parts store needs immediate assistance to meet government required mandate of 180 days to crush all vehicles.
Location: Remsen, N.Y, (pop. 1,958, median family income $41,042) is the home of world-class luger Erin Hamlin, who won the 2009 World Luge Championship, the first American to have done so in 16 years.

6. Brain Trainer
Employer: Learning Rx
Wages/salary: $15-$20 per hour.
Details: Are you sharp, smart and quicker than your peers? Need trainers to work with adults and kids 4-5 days a week during afternoons and evenings.
Location: Chester, N.J., (pop. 7,282, median family income $133,586) was once known as "Black River," although the Chester Historical Society attests that no one knows when the name was changed.

7. Professional Superhero
Employer: 7 Promotions Inc.
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: Looking for an Account Manager to add to an "illustrious team of overachievers" at one of the "fastest growing privately owned sales and marketing firms in Westchester County," Conn.
Location: Danbury, Conn., (pop. 78,575, median family income $76,492) was where singer Tracy Chapman spent her youth and graduated from high school.


David Grant is a Monitor contributor. For last week's intriguing offers, click here. And follow us on Twitter.

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