Unemployed? Here are this week's Top 8 job offers.

Intriguing job offers of the week range from cheese-quality inspection to squeezing a little profitability out of your pooch.


Whether you're into grading cheese or term papers, promoting pet food or making a little dough off your pet, this week's offers are sure to intrigue intrepid job-hunters from Portland, Maine to Denmark, Wis.

1. Mad Scientist
Employer: Mad Science of Maine
Wages/salary: $25 per one hour class
Details: Get kids excited about science at engaging after-school lessons or birthday party events through creative scientific applications and experiments.
Location: Portland, Maine, (pop. 62,986, median family income $59,290) is the birthplace of the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

2. Pet Talent
Employer: Glamour Model Talent, Inc.
Wages/salary: $50-$125 per hour.
Details: Need pets of all ages, breeds, and sizes for TV, film, commercials, movie extras, and print advertising. Previous training not required.
Location: Chicago (pop. 2,740,224, median family income $50,742) held the 1893 World's Columbian Expedition fair, where the first Ferris wheel debuted.

3. Co-op Paper Grader
Employer: University of Minnesota Department of Mechanical Engineering
Wages/salary: $22 per hour
Details: Papers to be graded are moderately technical, so an affinity for the subject is helpful but a deep technical background is not required. Because students are only on-campus twice per semester, job poses challenge of giving clear, thorough feedback without face-to-face contact.
Location: Minneapolis (pop. 362,513, median family income $59,816) is home to one of the oldest continually running theaters in the United States, the Old Log.

4. Herdsmen
Employer: Not listed.
Wages/salary: $50,000+ and benefits
Details: Oversee record keeping and animal health and supervise the breeding program and perform relief breeding. Assistant Herdsman does the main breeding. Must have experience in 500+ cow dairy and Spanish skills a plus.
Location: New York State.

5. Wardrobe Designer
Employer: Mizan Media
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: Seeking a talented and dedicated person to style the perfect Guardian Angel wings and wardrobe look for rocker Tamar-kali as well as the alternative styled look of a young female protagonist for a three-day music video shoot.
Location: New York City (pop. 8,246,310, median family income $52,913) is home to a townhouse 9.5 feet wide — and currently up for sale at $2.7 million.

6. “The Biggest Loser” Blogger
Employer: Not listed.
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: Write or blog about the biggest loser diet and the biggest loser weekly highlights. Content must be 85 percent unique and pass a plagiarism check before payment is rendered.
Location: Telecommute, but must be in United States.

7. Cheese Quality Grader
Employer: BelGioso Cheese, Inc.
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: Opportunity for a specialty cheese lover with a fine-tuned talent to professionally taste and evaluate food. The quality grader will carefully evaluate cheese with a discerning palate and articulate findings while proactively raising red flags when ingredients or products do not meet BelGioioso's strict quality standards.
Location: Village of Denmark, Wis., (pop. 1,958, median family income $48,214), located 12 miles east of the NFL's Green Bay Packers, is home to a high school Vikings team.

8. Pet Food Demonstrator
Employer: The Pet Firm
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Experienced pet food demonstrator needed for two four hour demos twice a month at a major pet store. Must have sales capabilities, cardtable and a plain colored tablecloth, computer, Internet, and ability to stand on feet for 4 hours.
Location: Oklahoma.

David Grant is a Monitor contributor. For last week's offerings, click here.

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