How to find jobs through social networks

Ann Hermes / The Christian Science Monitor
Alexa Scordato found a job using Twitter.

Looking for a job? Here's how to use all of the online tools at your fingertips:

• Start by signing up for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Concentrate on establishing a network of contacts and joining specific groups that pertain to your industry. Don’t “friend” or follow everyone. “You can’t manage your presence on all of them,” says Dan Schawbel, author of “Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success.”

• Be patient. Just because you sign up for a network doesn’t mean instant results. Start by posting specific messages saying what kind of job you’re looking for or what you want to do. Also, try sending messages to friends and professionals who may have job leads or be able to connect you with someone else.

• Create a professional profile that stands out. Ms. Doyle suggests using a suitable background or template and uploading the same picture – a professional head-and-shoulders shot – as well as a link to a blog or website with your contact information. This way, people will recognize you and be able to get in touch with you easily.

• Try using job-search engines such as or to search through tweets on Twitter. Or try joining groups of LinkedIn or Facebook that cater to specific industries. Be an active contributor on these sites and update your profile regularly.

– Guest blogger Amy Farnsworth is a Monitor staff writer.

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