Jobless? Here are 10 intriguing offers.


Some 601,000 Americans filed claims for jobless benefits last week, the US Labor Department reported Thursday. That's the lowest level since January, but 55 percent higher than a year ago.

In our effort to help, Monitor staffers comb the job listings each week in search of interesting places to work. The most intriguing jobs we found this week are in New Orleans; Indianapolis; East Lansing, Mich.; Garfield, N.J.; Hartford, Conn.; SeaTac, Wash.; Nashville, Tenn.; New York City; Wallington, N.J.; and Mobile, Ala.

In times like these, after all, who wouldn't want to be a comic book coordinating editor – or work in one of America's five most polite cities?

Read on:

1. Pile-driving crane operator
Employer: Cabildo Services
Wages/salary: $22 to $25 an hour
Details: Participate in the rebuilding of New Orleans and surrounding area by driving piles up to 140-feet long. River and barge experience a must. (For more information click here.)
Location: New Orleans (pop. 301,016; median family income $43,661) has roared back as a major tourist destination, attracting 7.6 million visitors last year.

2. Indoor water park aquatics director
Employer: Caribbean Cover Indoor Water Park
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Supervise and train all park staff, including lifeguards, at Indiana’s only indoor water park, a 50,000-square foot recreational facility connected to a 344-room Holiday Inn. Also inspect pump room for mechanical defects and ensure chemicals are within legal limits. (For more information click here.)
Location: Indianapolis (pop. 790,815; median family income $52,916) is considered second to only Washington in the number of memorials devoted to fallen soldiers and public servants. The 284-foot Soldiers’ & Sailor’s Monument at the heart the downtown is the most famous.

3. Cyclotron operator
Employer: Michigan State University
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Assist in operation, maintenance, and repair of cyclotrons and auxiliary equipment. Involves handling radioactive materials. (A cyclotron is a particle accelerator, but if you had to ask.... For more information click here.)
Location: East Lansing, Mich. (pop. 47,395; median family income $81,941) is the home of the state’s largest university, Michigan State, and the nearest neighbor of Lansing, the state capital.

4. Senior bookbinder
Employer: NB Bookbinding, Inc.
Wages/salary: $20.01 an hour
Details: Perform Japanese-sewn book crafting, foil stamping, embossing of soft and hard covers, and hand repair of worn and rare books. (For more information click here.)
Location: Garfield, N.J. (pop. 29,206; median family income $45,436) was at the end of the 19th century home to a farmer named James Cadmus, whose produce was so famous that the town was known for a time as “Cadmus’ Melon Patch.”

5. Youth employment coach
Employer: Partners for Community
Wages/salary: $17.67 an hour
Details: Organize and implement summer youth employment and learning activities for a group of youth ages 18 to 24. Work to reinforce job readiness skills of each participant. (For more information click here.)
Location: Hartford, Conn. (pop. 118,655; median family income $30,805) is nicknamed “Insurance Capital of the World” because a number of major insurance companies are headquartered in the nearly 400-year-old city.

6. Storm-water compliance manager
Employer: City of SeaTac, Wash.
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Develop, implement, and coordinate the city’s storm-water management program. (For more information click here.)
Location: SeaTac, Wash. (pop. 25,496; median family income $47,630) was incorporated in 1990 as the community that surrounds the Sea-Tac Airport that services both Seattle and Tacoma.

7. Game console repair technician
Employer: Staffmark
Wages/salary: $10 to $10.50 an hour
Details: Responsible for troubleshooting, testing, and repairing computer game consoles (Xbox, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, Wii). (For more information click here.)
Location: Nashville, Tenn. (pop. 545,524; median family income $48,448) was the home to three US presidents: Andrew Jackson, James Polk, and Andrew Johnson.

8.Comic book coordinating editor
Employer: DC Comics
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Run weekly editorial scheduling meeting, coordinate assignments, and ensure that marketing team has assets required to promote comic books effectively. (For more information click here.)
Location: New York City (pop. 8,008,278; median family income $41,887) is one of the entertainment capitals of the world, with more than 90 films and television shows in production there.

9. Pasteurizer
Employer: Farmland Dairies
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Operate, clean, and sanitize processing equipment, in addition to collecting samples for lab approval. (For more information click here.)
Location: Wallington, N.J. (pop. 11,583; median family income $45,656) is bordered by the Passaic and Saddle Rivers, which gives the one-square-mile town the shape of a heart.

10. Cartographic technician
Employer: Bowhead
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Prepare real estate project maps by conducting field reconnaissance, verifying ownerships, and identifying critical contours pertinent to the project for a fast-growing federal contractor. (For more information click here.)
Location: Mobile, Ala. (pop. 194,041; median family income $43,601) ranks as one of the nation’s five “most polite” cities, according to a recent survey.

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