Top 10 job offers for mavericks

Jake Turcotte

Every week, Monitor staffers comb the job listings in search of interesting places to work. The most intriguing jobs we found this week are in Laramie, Wyo.; New York City; Paducah, Ky.; West Springfield, Mass.; Tempe, Ariz.; Portland, Ore.; San Francisco; Atlanta; and University Place, Wash.
1. Broom-making historic re-enactor
Employer: Wyoming Territorial Prison and State Historic Site
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Portray living history by making brooms on replica 19th century machines at a newly restored broom factory. Training is provided. (For more information click here.)
Location: Laramie, Wyo. (pop. 27,136; median family income $62,085) is home to the state’s only four-year, higher-educational institution: the University of Wyoming.

2. Donut finisher
Employer: Holey Donuts!
Wages/salary: $8 an hour
Details: Trainee wanted to assist in baking, frosting, and creating gourmet low-fat donuts; cleaning and packaging duties needed as well. (For more information, click here.)
Location: New York City (pop. 8,274,527; median family income $52,913) is the most expensive city in the US and 22nd in the world for expatriates to live in, according to the 2008 Cost of Living Survey by Mercer, an international consulting firm.

3. Newborn-baby photographer / sales representative
Employer: Our365
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Capture babies’ first portraits for a company specializing in hospital newborn photography. Assist mother and family in making selections. Begin work by 8 or 9 a.m. and stay until all of the babies have been photographed for the day. (For more information, click here.)
Location: Paducah, Ky. (pop. 24,967; median family income $36,387) enjoys a thriving arts culture at Kentucky’s far western edge near the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

4. Paintless dent repair technician
Employer: Balise Collision Repair
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Use specialized tools and techniques developed to remove auto body dents by pushing the metal back into its original shape, without sanding, body filler, or repainting. (For more information click here.)
Location: West Springfield, Mass. (pop. 28,048; median family income $61,291) is the home of the “Big E,” the sixth-largest agricultural fair in the United States.

5. Curator, non-Western musical instruments
Employer: Musical Instrument Museum
Wages/salary: $55,000 to $70,000
Details: Identify, evaluate, and acquire appropriate instruments for exhibit or reference purposes at the “world’s first global musical instrument museum.” (For more details, click here.)
Location: Tempe, Ariz. (pop. 167,141; median family income $62,835) is a large suburb of Phoenix that logs 330 sunny days a year.

6. Zoo bond program manager
Employer: Oregon Zoo
Wages/salary: $102,294 to $148,323
Details: Plan, organize, and direct the implementation of the Oregon Zoo’s $125 million bond program. (For more details, click here.)
Location: Portland, Ore. (pop. 541,550; median family income $59,478) claims it gets less rain on average (36.3 inches) than Atlanta, Houston, Indianapolis, or Seattle, “without the nasty humidity.

7. Costume design assistant
Employer: American Conservatory Theater
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Participate in the design development process, assisting designers in selecting materials and choosing existing costume elements for rental stock and other sources. (For more information, click here.)
Location: San Francisco (pop. 757,604; median family income $81,136) has one of the largest Asian populations of any major city, with 31.2 percent.

8. Associate Neighborhood Association Manager
Employer: John Wieland Homes
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Manage all facets of neighborhood association, including pools, tennis courts, landscaping, and clubhouse. Coordinate association meetings and take minutes. (For more information, click here.)
Location: Atlanta (pop. 519,145; median family income $51,835) will host Season 9 American Idol tryouts June 16-18 in the Georgia Dome.

9. Beauty adviser
Employer: Boots
Wages/salary: $10 to $14 an hour, plus 3 percent commission
Details: Demonstrate and recommend Boots cosmetics to customers; provide makeovers as needed; gather competitor intelligence. (For more information, click here.)
Location: New York City (pop. 8,274,527; median family income $52,913) has been the most populous US city for over two centuries.

10. Store sign artist
Employer: Trader Joe’s
Wages/salary: $10 an hour
Details: Create innovative, fun, and informative signs to promote store products on chalkboards. Also run register, bag groceries, and stock shelves. (For more information, click here.)
Location: University Place, Wash. (pop. 30,469; median family income $66,377) is a suburban residential neighborhood that got its name from 19th-century plans to build a university there; though the plans were scrapped, the name stuck.

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