Job hunting? This week’s unusual openings.


These offerings aren't the greatest job in the world (click here for that). But every week, Monitor staffers comb the job listings in search of interesting places to work.

The nine most intriguing jobs we found this week are in Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Minneapolis; Ridley Park, Pa.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Denver; Moline, Ill.; Kansas City, Kan.; Dowagiac, Mich.; and Rumney, N.H.

1. Coordinator of cheerleader squads
Employer: University of Alabama
Wages/salary: $30,000 to $37,000
Details: Responsible for ensuring that school’s cheer squads and mascot, Big Al, promote spirit and enhance game-day atmosphere. Oversee all cheerleader practices, weight training, choreography, and public appearances. (Click here for more information.)
Location: Tuscaloosa, Ala. (pop. 79,584; median family income $46,053) has gained national prominence as the home of the University of Alabama football team. The city takes its name from a Choctaw Indian chief.

2. Alarm monitor
Employer: Target Corporation
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Provide support to all stores and Target corporations, trouble-shoot building equipment, landscaping, housekeeping, and other service contracts. (Click here for more information.)
Location: Minneapolis (pop. 298,757; median family income $60,374), which encompasses 12 lakes and sits on the banks of the Mississippi River, used to be the world’s flour milling capital.

3. Aircraft painter
Employer: Boeing
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Spray and brush paint primer and finish coats on aircraft, aircraft assemblies, parts, rotor blades, tools, and equipment. Also, must have ability to apply insignia and lettering, using stencils, templates, or freehand. (Click here for more information.)
Location: Ridley Park, Pa. (pop. 7,196; median family income $62,378) is a suburb of Philadelphia with a significant number of high-income, unmarried people.

4. Pedicab/rickshaw driver
Employer: Elite Pedicabs
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Transport customers by pedaling a modern version of the ancient Chinese rickshaw – a three-wheeled, 24-speed bicycle. Also serve as a personal concierge, able to recommend restaurants, entertainment, and other attractions. (Click here for more information.)
Location: Grand Rapids, Mich. (pop. 193,671; median family income $45,404), the state’s second largest city, is ranked as among America’s best fishing cities by Field & Stream.5. Helicopter traffic reporter
Employer: Newsradio 850 KOA
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Communicate traffic information, including alternate-route information, during both the morning and afternoon drive. (Click here for more information.)
Location: Denver (pop. 576,842; median family income $54,333) actually gets more sunny days on average (300 a year) than Miami or San Diego.

6. Ag claim processor (fluent in German)
Employer: John Deere
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Process warranty and other claims received from dealers in the German language. (Click here for more information.)
Location: Moline, Ill. (pop. 43,791; median family income $54,665) is part of the Quad Cities metropolitan area along the Illinois-Iowa border. It has a 125-store mall that anchors the John Deere Road commercial corridor.

7. Executive Director of national soccer coaches
Employer: National Soccer Coaches Association of America
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Lead the largest coaches’ organization in the US, with more than 28,000 members who coach both genders at all levels of the sport. The mission of the association is to help its members excel in their coaching careers as well as advance the coaching of soccer. (Click here for more information.)
Location: Kansas City, Kan. (pop. 141,791; median family income $43,890) is the oft-overlooked satellite of its more famous Missouri namesake.

8. Tribal planner
Employer: Pokagon band of Potowatomi Indians
Wages/salary: $38,740
Details: Manages the activities mandated for tribal lands and leads transportation, parks and recreation, and other planning initiatives. (Click here for more information.)
Location: Dowagiac, Mich. (pop. 6,009; median family income $33,443), known as the Grand Old City of southwestern Michigan, sits amid rolling farmlands and orchards in the state’s fruit belt.

9. Historic home overseer
Employer: Longyear Museum
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Maintain house and grounds of two 19th- century, New England landmarks once lived in by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science (and The Christian Science Monitor). Gardening ability a plus. Give tours and reach out to the community on behalf of the museum, which is in Chestnut Hill, Mass. (Click here for more information.)
Location: Rumney, N.H. (pop. 1,480; median family income $42,895) is in the middle of the state, in a region popular with mountain climbers.


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