40 percent of financial advisers support Occupy Wall Street

Accoridng to an online survey, 58.2 percent of financial advisers disagree with the views expressed by the Occupy Wall Street protesters. But 38.8 percent agree with them

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters
An masked Occupy Wall Street campaign demonstrator stands in Zuccotti Park, near Wall Street in New York. According to a recent poll, financial advisers are sharply divided on Occupy Wall Street, with 40 percent saying they agree with the protesters.

..and zero percent admitted this to their clients.

I kid, I kid. But there are some interesting stats in this poll from our trade mag Investment News worth considering. Darla Mercado has the story:

According to the results of an exclusive InvestmentNews online survey of 350 advisers, 58.2% said they disagree with the views expressed by the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Meanwhile, 38.8% of advisers said they agree with the views of the protesters and 3% said they were unfamiliar with Occupy Wall Street.

The survey, conducted last week, also found that 46.3% of advisers support tax reform that ultimately would lead to higher taxes on the wealthy, while 43.6% are against it. Additionally, the survey revealed that 41.6% of advisers are in favor of tougher government regulation of banks and Wall Street firms and 45.9% are against it.

Among respondents, 39% characterized themselves as Republicans, 37% as independents and 9.8% as Democrats.

It would be very tough for a financial adviser or wealth manager to align with the OWS protesters on an issue like taxation. We see firsthand the sheer dollar amounts of taxes taken from our clients. Head over for the rest of what my colleagues in the business had to say.

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