Facebook = high school reunion, Twitter = digital kindergarten

Why is guest blogger Josh Brown not on Facebook? Because he'd rather play in the sandbox than go to a high school reunion.

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Facebook limits you to your past and present friends and acquaintances, says guest blogger Josh Brown, but Twitter lets you play with happy strangers in the Internet's digital sandbox. You can tweet alone or with others, you can build anything you want, and you never know what will happen next.

From the mailbag:

Hey JB, I love your blog but I can't understand how you can be so savvy about digital thingies and social media but not be on Facebook. Wut up with that?

Facebook is a high school reunion. Picture-sharing, gossiping, catching up, being envious of the love lives and career successes of others... and everyone's a little bit fatter than the last time you saw them. No thanks.

Twitter, on the other hand, is the coolest social media platform. Lovably inept (constant outages and no clue how to make money), vibrant, constantly in motion and all about sharing. It's also very stream-of-consciousness, honest in a childlike way and loaded with juvenile outbursts, spats, random acts of kindness and spontaneous bouts of mass laughter. And a constantly running show-and-tell that never turns off.

Do you realize that Twitter is Digital Kindergarten?

Do you realize that's why it's incredible?

You can go on Twitter and just throw something honest and crazy out and get a huge reaction from friends and strangers alike 24 hours a day!

Like, if I go on right now and be like "I love walking around the Upper West Side, it makes me feel like I'm in Ghostbusters", people are gonna relate to that and respond to that. They will retweet and riff on it. Not your aunt or some creep from summer camp 12 years ago, but clever people just enjoying the openness of the social web.

Which sounds more fun, attending being trapped in your high school reunion forever or going back to Kindergarten for a few minutes any time you want?

I know, right?

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