Hello financial television, I’m a mid cap!

What am I, chopped liver?

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Mid-cap stocks are the 'greatest story never told' on the financial networks. Where's the love?

Hello Financial Television, I'm a Mid Cap stock.

No, we haven't met.

Why? I'm not sure.

Us Mid Caps are the the media's forgotten teenagers, watching over the Small Cap babies and constantly being overshadowed by our Large Cap elders. This is bizarre and unfair, because as an asset class, we are up over 250% vs the Big Guy's S&P 500 return of only 100% since 1995.

Show us some respect!

You financial television people have no doubt heard of us but even with roughly 16 hours a day of time to fill, you've scarcely even acknowledged our existence over the years.

Guest after guest, segment after segment, of McDonalds and Intel and Microsoft and 3M and Home Depot and General Electric and IBM and Pfizer and all the other mega caps that, let's face it, hardly need the exposure. It's not like people will forget they exist if you go an hour without discussing them!

Anyway, it's understandable that our little Small Cap brothers and sisters don't get much face time on your networks, after all, small floats are prone to potential manipulation and they aren't widely-owned enough to warrant too much attention.

But guys like me? The Mid Caps? C'mon already! We ARE the market - we are the heartbeat of the tape and the future of American big business. Bring our stories into the fold and you will be rewarding your viewers, boosting your ratings and relevance among the Wall Street traders who have all but given up on you.

We are Cree Research ($CREE), we are Dollar Tree ($DLTR), we are F5 Networks ($FFIV), we are Shaw Group ($SHAW).

We are the next thing, tomorrow's big story that needs to be told today. Call us.

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