Steve Jobs deserved his wealth

The Apple innovator created far more wealth than he got for himself

Christinne Muschi/Reuters
A tribute to Apple Inc., co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs is left in front of an Apple store in downtown Montreal, October 6, 2011. Jobs has at age 56 of cancer.

As most of you have probably already heard, Steve Jobs has died from cancer. Which is tragic for many reasons.

Unlike all too many other rich persons, including those on Wall Street that got rich from creating the U.S. housing bubble, Steve Jobs deserved his wealth as he created even more than he got for himself.

His positive role was apparent not just from the fact that he created Apple, but also from the fact that during the time he was absent from the company, Apple was in big trouble, only to become successful again after Jobs' return. While more people than Jobs deserves credit for both the initial creation and the later revival of Apple, Jobs played a big role in both. And for that, the world should be grateful.

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