Last-minute Father's Day gifts to buy

Left Father's Day gift-shopping at the last minutes? Not to worry: here are four gift ideas that are easy to get before Sunday.

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A woman poses with a picture of Jon Snow, a character in the "Game of Thrones" series, on the opening day of the "Game of Thrones" exhibition in Madrid, Spain. If your dad loves "Game of Thrones," an HBO Now subscription could be a great gift for him.

Dad can be tough to shop for. While he might say he doesn't care about Father's Day, it will still mean a lot to him to get a thoughtful gift from you this Sunday.  

But it's already Friday! If you're scrambling to find a last-minute present your dad will actually appreciate (novelty ties need not apply), we've got you covered. Here are four ideas for thoughtful last-minute Father's Day gifts you can buy today and gift on Sunday.

1. Dad-Approved Gift of the Month Clubs

Give dad a well-deserved step up from store bought bacon with a Bacon of the Month Club membership!

Gift of the month clubs are gifts that just keep on giving, which makes them a great option for any special occasion. Month after month, your dad will get a box in the mail and think of you fondly as he opens it up, because shouldn't appreciating your father be a year-round activity? (Definitely write that in the card. He'll like that.) The best part about GOTM clubs is that there's one for every kind of hobby, interest or passion--it's not just for makeup samples or designer clothes anymore. Here are a few ideas for GOTM clubs Dad will totally approve of:

2. An HBO Now Subscription -- $14.99/month

Dads are all about frugal living and HBO programming, two things that don't exactly go hand-in-hand. But sign up Dad for an HBO Now subscription and he won't have to pay a fortune to the cable company every month in order to see which beloved character Game of Thrones character will be brutally murdered next! And if he's feeling extra bold, maybe he can cancel cable altogether. Just show him this article and tell him you've got him covered for a year of HBO programming. If he can save money AND keep up with all his favorite HBO shows, chances are he'll be a very happy camper.

3. A Fitbit -- $79.99 from Amazon

Amazon Prime is seriously a godsend. If you're a Prime member and you order Dad a Fitbit today, you'll get it by the time you have to meet up for Sunday brunch. My dad was in town last weekend and he couldn't stop showing me all the cool things his Fitbit does ("Oooh we walked 22,000 steps today!" "Looks like I got seven hours of sleep last night, but two of them were restless!" "That bike ride burned 300 calories!" etc, etc). I'm not saying my father's hobbies and passions are indicative of ALL fathers hobbies and passions, but he does have pretty good taste.

4. A shaving bouquet

Mother's Day is all about classic flower arrangements, but who says Dad doesn't want a little piece of the bouquet action? Tweak tradition this Father's Day by making your Dad a DIY shaving bouquet!

Of course you can also sign him up for shaving clubs like Dollar Shave ClubHarry's or The Art of Shaving, but if you're running low on time and want to present him with a physical gift on Sunday, make a pit stop at your local WalmartTargetWalgreens or CVS and pick up some fancy-looking shaving supplies. Arrange them in a cool mug (like a customized Father's Day mug from Gifts for You Now), tie a bow around it, and present it to dad on the big day. Pro tip: T.J.Maxx, Nordstrom Rack and Marshalls all have some fancy designer shaving soaps, creams and oils for sale on the cheap. When I want to make it look like I spent a lot of money on a face, hair or body product without actually doing so, those stores are my first stop every time.

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