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Father's Day gifts that don't break the bank

Father's Day gifts can be hard to think of – and to afford. Here is a breakdown of Father's Day gifts to get while saving money.

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A customer carries shopping bags at South Park mall in Charlotte, North Carolina. Shoppers can save big on Father's Day deals, such as grills, ties, and electronics.

If your father is anything like every other dad on the planet, you probably struggle to think of something new to buy him when Father's Day comes around. (Dads are tough like that.) But you probably still want to express your appreciation, and luckily, there are a few types of items that are fairly "tried and true" when it comes to Father's Day gifts.

But instead of just spitting out a standard, run-of-the-mill buying guide, we decided to dole out a deal breakdown of what you can expect in terms of price and discounts for these categories. And after all, wouldn't Dad be proud to know you got a good deal on your gifts for Father's Day, anyway?

It's tool time: Look for items under $10 and save up to 70 percent

Most of the best tool deals we saw last June were for inexpensive hand tool sets, although we did see excellent prices on saws, storage, and combo kits. And the best part is that most of these deals were store markdowns — some as high as 70% off — so there's no need to worry about whether you've missed a coupon that will yield a better price. Moreover, many items were available at a very affordable price of $10 or less, so you could theoretically put together a package of, say, a shovel, a wrench, a flashlight, and a pruner for under $40. SearsHome DepotTrue ValueAmazon, and Ace Hardware all had exceptional offerings.

Rock down to Electronics Avenue: Bundle deals are where it's at

Electronics were by far the category with the most Editors' Choice deals last June; in fact, 25% of the deals in this arena were marked as superb, and they ranged from speakers and headphones to phones and TVs. Bundles including store gift cards were often what made the deal sweet, so be sure to check out sellers like Dell and Newegg — both of which are known for including credits in their offerings — if you're seeking a steal on a gadget for dad.

Lots of grill deals at up to 50 percent off

June is the biggest month of the barbecuing season when it comes to sheer number of grill deals. Last year, we saw 75 deals related to grills in June. That's second only to May, when we saw 76, which still works out to June having the highest per-day average.

Unfortunately, June isn't the best month to get the lowest price (that comes later in the season), but there are still plenty of discounts, so you definitely shouldn't be paying retail. In fact, we saw deals that slashed up to 50% off around this time last year. So while some of the Editor's Choice level deals were on accessories — grill pans, recipe books — there should be no shortage of options if you're looking to pick up a grill for dad's special day.

This sporting life: Camping and exercise equipment reign supreme

Last June, we saw more than 100 deals related to the sports and fitness category, with Editors' Choice prices on everything from sports equipment to apparel and decor. Camping equipment, athletic shoes, and exercise accoutrements were some of the most frequently discounted items, making them good Father's Day gifts to seek out. Whether dad likes playing outdoors, getting fit in the comfort of his air conditioned home, or looking at a giant photo of his favorite quarterback on his office wall, you should be able to get a deal on something right up his alley. (Check out our sport and fitness guides for more gift ideas.)

The necktie: Always an option

A tie may be the stereotypical lazy/unwanted Father's Day gift, but there's something to be said for keeping dad in fashion. And with more than 1,700 clothing and accessory deals listed last June, odds are that you'll be able to find something that suits dad's fancy. We saw all-time low prices on shoes, jackets, sunglasses, and pants, as well as strong general sales from merchants as varied as adidas,PumaMacy'sAllen EdmondsExpress, and American Eagle. Year-round items like activewear made up a big chunk of the Editors' Choice deals, but some were decidedly non-summery, like dress pants. With discounts as high as 92% off, though, there's no reason to limit yourself to seasonal buys.

So what'll it be? A drill? A sports coat? An upgraded tablet? Whatever you choose, dad will probably love it. And now that you know what to look for, you can be proud of your deal-hunting skills.

Elizabeth Zimmerman is an associate editor at, where this article first appeared:

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