XBox One: the best options for a console trade-in

Ready to make the leap to an XBox One or PS4? Read on for some excellent XBox One and PS4 trade-in deals, plus other offers and coupons on the new consoles.

The XBox One in an image released by Microsoft.

With this week sandwiched between the PS4 and Xbox One release dates, we thought we'd present five video game deals that showcase the best of the old and the new. Check out the sweetest console trade-in offer we've ever seen, two next-gen game deals that come with gift cards, and the cheapest Wii mini bundle around.

  • $100 Best Buy Gift Card with Trade-in
    Store: Best Buy
    Price: Free when you trade in a working PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360
    Lowest By: $100
    Expires: November 23

    Is It Worth It?: If you've been thinking about picking up a new PS4 or Xbox One but haven't had the heart to get rid of your old console, maybe this Editors' Choice offer can sway you: Best Buy will give you a gift card worth at least $100 when you trade in your old PS3 or Xbox 360. That's easily the best trade-in offer we've ever seen for either of these systems.

    To be considered eligible for this offer, the console must be in working condition (Red Rings of Death need not apply), with no broken factory seals.

  • $50 Toys "R" Us Gift Card with Purchase
    Store: Toys "R" Us
    Price: Free when you buy three Xbox One or Xbox 360 video games or accessories priced $59.99 or more
    Lowest By: $50
    Expires: November 23

    Is It Worth It?: So you've decided to trade-in your Xbox 360 and upgrade to the Xbox One. Obviously, you're going to want a few games! This Editors' Choice deal will reward your early adoption with a $50 Toys "R" Us gift card. All you have to do is purchase three Xbox One games or accessories for $60 each. (You could also purchase three $60 Xbox 360 games to qualify, but, oh noes! Your old console is gone.)

    You'll find this offer on page 12 of the ad. Although the Xbox One console isn't due for release until Friday, November 22, Toys "R" Us stores will begin stocking select Xbox One games throughout the week, according to its ad.

  • Knack for PlayStation 4 bundled with a $10 Newegg Gift Card
    Store: Newegg
    Price: $59.99 with free shipping
    Lowest By: $6
    Expires: November 21

    Is It Worth It?: Xbox One? Pssh. You're trading in your old PS3 and upgrading to the clearly superior PS4! (Hi, Sony! Send us games.) Start building your new game collection by buying Knack for PS4, and you'll bag a $10 Newegg gift card. Assuming you use the gift card, this deal will net you a savings of $6 on the newly released action-adventure title.

  • Nintendo Wii mini Console Bundle
    Store: Walmart
    Price: $144.96 with free shipping
    Lowest By: $50

    Is It Worth It?: Casual gamers rejoice: Nintendo released another Wii console earlier this week. For a fraction of the cost of some other next-gen consoles, you can pick up this bundle, which includes the Nintendo Wii mini Console with Mario Kart for Nintendo Wii, four other games (choose from nearly 70 options), and either an Ematic Remote or a dreamGEAR Remote. All told, that's a $50 savings.

    Note that, unlike the other Wii consoles, this model does not connect to the Internet.

  • Skylanders Giants Starter Pack for Xbox 360
    Store: Walmart
    Price: $35 with in-store pickup
    Lowest By: $25

    Is It Worth It?: Feel like kicking it old school? Keep your Xbox 360 and give in to that Skylanders craze you've heard so much about by picking up the Skylanders Giants Starter Pack for $35. The pack includes everything you'll need to get addicted started: the video game, a Portal of Power, three Skylanders figures, a character collection poster, three sticker sheets with secret codes, and three trading cards.

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