Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle Fire: Best prices are coming soon

The Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire will both likely drop to their lowest prices yet as both companies seek to release newer, updated models of their tablets. Hold off on buying a new tablet for a little longer to see the best prices on the Nexus and the Kindle.

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Amazon's Kindle Fire, Google's main competitor for its Nexus 7, is displayed at a news conference in New York, New York in 2011. Both the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire will likely hit all-time low prices soon as Google and Amazon seek to release new models of their tablets.

We see hundreds of excellent deals every day here at dealnews, but sometimes a discount comes across our plate that actually tells a story. In the case of this Editors' Choice Google Nexus 7 deal, it's a story that predicts the refresh cycle for the Nexus 7, as well as future pricing for its competitor, the Kindle Fire HD.

Just yesterday we found a deal on the Google Nexus 7 16GB 7" Android Tablet that came within a buck of the lowest total price we've ever seen, dropping the 16GB slate to $149.90. Simultaneously, the 32GB version was cut to $169, another all-time low price. (And just $19 more!) But even though those deals are eye-poppingly cheap, it's important to keep one thing in mind: Google is scheduled to hold a press event next Wednesday. As such, these prices seem to validate the rumors that the corporation is about to debut a brand new generation for its flagship tablet.

Deals Before the Storm

While most electronics tend to see new price lows right before they're refreshed, this is especially true of tablets. In the past, reseller deals have preceded new iPads and Kindle Fire tablets, and it appears that such deals are now foreshadowing a new Nexus tablet. Whether this is a good deal to buy then depends on a few factors.

If Google follows the precedent that Amazon has already established, then the next generation Nexus will probably debut for the same starting price as the current generation. That means the refreshed model will only cost $199, or $49 more than the above deal. Keep in mind, however, that last year Amazon also kept its original Fire tablet in production at a lower retail price; if Google does the same with the original Nexus, its retail price could possibly fall to $159 (where the original Fire tablet currently resides). That means this current deal is still $9 less than what the retail price might be, come next week.

The Kindle Fire HD Is Next on the Deal Chopping Block

Last year, Amazon debuted its Kindle Fire HD tablets shortly after Google announced its Nexus line. The Amazon affair took place during the first week of September, and it seems likely that the megaretailer will target that general time frame once again for a refresh.

If resellers treat the current Fire HD like they have the Nexus 7, then we should begin seeing new all-time low prices on the Amazon slate in mid- to late-August. So far, the lowest the 16GB model has gone is $169, so anything below that ($149.90 maybe?) will be an Editors' Choice-level price cut. Look to stores like Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, and eBay for special promotions.

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