More than 79,000 people no longer receive food stamps

In March, 79,476 people were removed from SNAP. The number of households receiving food stamps benefits has fallen 2.76 percent since last year.

This chart shows the percentage of Americans receiving food stamp benefits. It also shows the time periods of US recessions and the US unemployment rate.

As a logical consequence of the prolonged economic downturn, participation in the federal food stamp program is continuing to rise.

The latest data released by the Department of Agriculture indicated that in March, 79,476 individual recipients were removed from the food stamps program with the current total declining 3.41 percent on a year-over-year basis.

Individuals receiving food stamp benefits declined to 46.09 million which, as a ratio of the overall civilian non-institutional population now stands at a whopping 18.69% of the population.

Households receiving food stamps benefits went flat at 22.47 million households with the current total falling 2.76 percent below the level seen a year earlier

Total nominal benefit cost declined 8.93 percent on a year-over-year basis to $5.77 billion for the month.

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