$10 minimum wage proposed for Michigan

$10 minimum wage would be achieved over three years, according to Democrats sponsoring the bill. But Republicans, who control the state legislature and the governorship, have not embraced a $10 minimum wage.

Rebecca Cook/Reuters/File
Restaurant waitress Tammy Maynard talks about the local economy and its effect on business at the Texan Restaurant in Saginaw, Mich., last year. On Thursday, Democrats in the state legislature proposed a $10 minimum wage for the state. It currently stands at $7.40 an hour.

Democratic lawmakers have introduced more legislation to raise Michigan's minimum wage to $10 an hour over three years.

The current state minimum wage is $7.40 per hour.

The main sponsors of the legislation announced Thursday are Democratic Reps. John Switalksi of Warren and Rashida Tlaib of Detroit. They say raising the minimum wage would narrow income inequality and give residents "a chance at a better life." A similar bill was introduced by Senate Democrats in February.

The measures have not been embraced by Republicans who control the Legislature nor Republican Gov. Rick Snyder. GOP legislative leaders say hiking the minimum wage would hurt employers' ability to hire people.

The current minimum wage last went up in 2008.

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