Powerball office pool winners will share with new co-worker

Powerball winners at a Florida real estate office will share their prize with a new a new employee who didn't join their pool. The office won a combined $1 million in the Powerball drawing. 

Orlin Wagner/AP/File
A Powerball form and purchased ticket are on the counter at the Jayhawk Food Mart in Lawrence, Kan. A pool of Florida office workers who won $1 million in the Powerball lottery will share the money with a new administrative assistant, who opted out.

A dozen workers at a South Florida real estate office who won $1 million in the Powerball say they'll share their earnings with a new employee who didn't join their pool.

The Miami Herald (http://hrld.us/10gkbXq) reports Jennifer Maldonado had only been working as an administrative assistant at Keller Williams Partner Realty in Plantation for two weeks when she was asked to join the Powerball pool for Saturday's drawing for $338 million.

Maldonado says she opted out because she had not even received her first paycheck.

Office team leader Laurie Finkelstein Reader says she felt lucky about the Powerball drawing. They put in $20 each and offered to lend Maldonado money to join.

They matched five numbers, winning $83,333 each after taxes. And they say they'll share some cash with Maldonado.

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